Monday, June 26, 2006

Skin and Fins Redux: More Mermaid Parade Links

We were going to add these links to yesterday's Mermaid Parade roundup, but have come across so many other photos, that we're going to add them here today, and use the excuse to post a couple more of our photos, which exist in large numbers in our Mermaid Parade 2006 flickr photoset:

Mermaids on Parade [Bklyn Record]
24th Annual Mermaid Parade [NYC Photobloggers]
Featured Flickr Photos: Mermaid Parade!!! [Dope on the Slope]
Rainy Day Mermaid Parade [Brooklyn Shortcakes]
Mermaid Parade '06 [Bluejake]
2,500 Tagged Photos So Far on Flickr [flickr]
263 '06 Mermaid Phots [Don Wiss]



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