Thursday, July 27, 2006

Brooklinks: Thursday "Got Food?" Edition


Brooklinks is a selection of Brooklyn-related news stories, blog items and images.

Brooklyn Food and Booze:
Yassky on Black and White (Cookies) [Edible Brooklyn via Brooklyn Record]
New Fort Greene Booze Spots [setspeed]
Trout is Pleasant [A Brooklyn Life]
The Dope on Chickory Brooklyn [NYT]
Bocce and Beercheese at Union Hall [NYPress]
New Restaurant Alert: Bocca Lupo [A Brooklyn Life]
Mighty Good Gumbo [Dope on the Slope]
Is Bay Ridge's Tanoreen Really Brooklyn's Best? [Brooklyn Record]
Strawberry Shortcake Customers Vid [Coney Island Shortcakes]

Nothing to Do with Either Eating or Drinking:
HOMEPLATE, UFUKD and Sweetheart Deals [Dope on the Slope]
Miss Brooklyn: Three X's the Square Footage of Williamsburgh Bank Bldg [AYR]
Brooklynites Ticked About Timing of Aug. 23 Atlantic Yards Hearing [NYPost]
Coney Island Real Estate Boom [NYPost]
Vacating the Construction-Damaged South Slope Building [IMBY]
Colored Lighting on Brooklyn Bridge? [Brooklyn Record]
Kiteboarding in Brooklyn [Sail Brooklyn]
Collateral South Slope Damage [Curbed]


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