Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Newsflash: Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams Not Leaving Brooklyn

Heath-n-MichelleThe rumor mill has been abuzz since news surfaced that Brooklyn's first family, AKA Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams, were departing Brooklyn for Hollywood.


No Land Grab is reporting that it's all a misunderstanding and Heath and Michelle are staying in Brooklyn. Specfically:
It's pathetic for NoLandGrab to have to stick our noses into the cauldron of celebrity gossip, but...a source close to the first couple of Boerum Hill has told us that Michelle and Heath bought Ellen DeGeneres's home in Hollywood so that they could have a home base for the family while in town for work. The couple "still consider New York, and specifically Brooklyn, home," and they'll be back again in the fall.

They might be sorry that they'll miss the Empire State Development Corporation's public hearing and forum, but other Brooklynites will show up to represent Boerum Hill.

In the meantime, it's totally lame when an amateurish information portal on Atlantic Yards has the scoop on the professional snarks.

GL welcomes No Land Grab's scoop and denies being a professional snark. Amateur, maybe.


Blogger Sunset Parker said...

Since No Land Grab doesn't allow comments, and they called us out (snarkily), it's worth pointing out that the original posts (including ours) linked to a story from Heath's hometown newspaper and not "an unnamed source close to the first couple of Boerum Hill." By "other Brooklynites" we assume they refer to other white multi-millionaires who've lived in Brooklyn for less than a year (and apparently only half the time at that) who oppose low-income housing because it will ruin their view and don't give a hoot about a sports team that 90% of Brooklyn overwhelmingly voted for on election day.

1:06 AM  
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