Thursday, July 20, 2006

Park Slope Mommy Goes Berserk and Beans Car

What's a Park Slope mommy to do? Attack with beans, that's what. Anyone familiar with the Hill Above Gowanus knows that drivers come flying around corners when they are making a right turn regardless of who is in their way--even moms pushing strollers, which the nabe has in abundance. So, the story about Park Slope Mommy Rage that we posted yesterday over at Curbed, for which streetsblog gets the original credit, generated much response. The story was about a mommy who went a little nutso when two cars cut her off as she tried to cross the street:
I saw one woman struggling across the street with multiple bags of groceries hanging off her kid's stroller; when she got cut off, TWICE, she reached into her grocery bags and hauled out a can of beans which she threw at the rear window of the second car, cracking it clear across. Several witnesses clapped and cheered. The jerk driving the car actually had the nerve to pull over and come after her about the window, but fortunately, everyone that had seen what happened backed her up.
One commenter wrote, "The Yankees should sign her up. Alex Rodriguez can take a few 'how to throw more accurately' pointers from her." Someone else opined, "Next time she should throw a box of Annie's Organic Mac & Cheese shells. Very Slopian and far more car friendly...Be safe out there. Be proud. Eat beans." And this: "Back when I had kids that age, real estate prices were lower, so moms were a lot less stressed. Those $900K mortgages would make anyone want to throw beans." As well as this late entry from a non-mommy: I once had 'pedestrian rage' when a car nearly ran me over...I spit on the side of his car. He got out of his car and started CHASING AFTER ME. Luckily I was able to run like hell and hide in a nearby bookstore. Did I learn a lesson? You bet I did."

We don't know what kind of coping mechanisms mommy is teaching her own Little Bean or whether her anger management skills will rub off on young Mr. or Ms. McLaren. Clearly, though, the Saga of the Bean Throwing Park Slope Mom continues.


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