Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Park Slope's Slower Summer from OTBKB

Gowanus Lounge loves the summer vibe in Park Slope, including the overall quieter feeling and the fact that come late night on a Friday or Saturday, there's so much parking around that you could dock an ocean liner on Prospect Park West and other streets. Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn's Louise Crawford does a superb job of perfectly capturing that langurous Slope summer feeling in an item she posts today called Slope Summer Slow Down:

Slope summer is in full swing. Or should I say: in slow down mode. There are less people around; it's a little easier to park. Seventh Avenue isn't swarming with parents and kids at 8:30 in the morning, at 3 p.m. The Mr. Softee truck doesn't park outside of PS 321 anymore. The ices guy and the man who sells cotton candy hanging from a stick don't show up either.

Therapists are on vacation. Friends are in Europe, on Long Island. The girl next door went to Barcelona. The kid across the street went to sleep-away. Summer is a time for travel, for transitions....Slow, lazy days. It takes effort just to walk around. There is still much to do and it gets done but more slowly than usual. Over at JJ Byrne Park, the Piper Theater is going full tilt getting ready for their production of Much Ado About Nothing this weekend.


On Tuesday night (July 11) we're putting the big screen up and showing a movie; if it doesn't rain, that is. We're showing "Coney Island: The American Experience" the documentary by Ric Burns and Buster Keaton shorts.

Should be a fun night. I don't think it'll rain.

Hats off to Louise for making us smile this morning by so marvelously capturing the flavor of Park Slope come July.


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