Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Brooklyn Public Pools and Beaches Redux

It's hot as hell. So, for what it's worth, here's a re-run of our guide to the location of city pools in Brooklyn, given that attention spans (including our own) are short and no one will look for the versio we ran during the last heat wave.

While the Astoria Pool in Queens in probably the Gold Standard New York City pool, several of the Brooklyn pools, including the one in Red Hook and the one in Sunset Park are absolutely huge.

The entire guide (which also includes wading pools and "mini-pools," of course, is available at the Parks Department site:

Outdoor Pools
  • Betsy Head--Boyland, Livonia and Dumont Avenues. (718) 965-6581. 330' x 165' x 4.25 (Olympic)
  • Bushwick Houses--Flushing Avenue and Humboldt Street. (718) 452-2116. 75' x 60' x 3'
  • Commodore Barry--Flushing and Park Avenues, Navy and North Elliot Streets. (718)243-2593. 75' x 60' x 3'
  • Douglas and DeGraw--Third Avenue and Nevins Street.(718) 625-3268. 75' x 60' x 3'
  • Howard--Glenmore and Mother Gaston Blvd., East New York Avenue. (718) 385-1023. 75' x 60' x 3'
  • Kosciusko--Kosciusko between Marcy and Dekalb Avenues. (718) 622-5271. 230' x 100' x 4' (Olympic)
  • Red Hook--Bay and Henry Streets. (718) 722-3211. 330' x 130' x 4' (Olympic)
  • Sunset Park--Seventh Avenue between 41st and 44th Streets. (718) 965-6578. 259' x 162' x 3.5' (Olympic)
Indoor Pools
  • Brownsville--Linden and Mother Gaston Blvds. and Christopher Avenue. (718) 485-4633. 75' x 30' x 8'
  • Metropolitan--Bedford and Metropolitan Avenues. (718) 599-5707. 75' x 30' x 8'
  • St. John's--Prospect Place, between Troy and Schenectady Avenues. (718) 771-2787. 75' x 42' x 9'
City Beaches

In addition, of course, there are our public beaches. The major Brooklyn beaches, which stretch for miles, are in Coney Island and Brighton Beach, from W. 37th Street to Corbin Place. If you go a tiny bit off the beaten path from the most crowded stretchs in Coney Island, you can actually find somewhat less packed stretches of sand and water. The information number for Coney and Brighton is listed as (718) 946-1350. Manhattan Beach is located along Oriental Boulevard, from Ocean Avenue to Mackenzie Street. The phone is (718) 946-1373.

We would be remiss in leaving out our favorite non-Brooklyn beach: Rockaway Beach in Queens, which runs for miles, from Beach 1st Street, Far Rockaway, to Beach 149th Street. The number is (718)318-4000. If you're so inclined, you can also hit Jacob Riis Park or even the beaches in Belle Harbor (a hike via bus).


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