Monday, August 14, 2006

Gowanus Don't Get No Respect, At Least From Holiday Inn

Holiday InnThe Gowanus Holiday Inn is now open and accepting guests, but Holiday Inn continues to say that its new Holiday Inn Express on Union Street in Gowanus is really in Park Slope. Specifically, the following verbiage from an item at Hospitalitynet:
“We chose to develop a Holiday Inn Express in Park Slope because of its proximity to downtown Brooklyn,” said Robbie Wilson, city manager, Magna Hospitality Group, LC. “There is also a shortage of hotels in this area and because we have had such great success with Holiday Inn Express hotels, we decided to develop another in Park Slope.”...Guests at the eight-story Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn will experience a comfortable and smart environment with innovative preferred guest upgrades to ensure a productive stay while traveling for business or leisure. The Express Start® breakfast bar, a complimentary café-style breakfast bar features a proprietary cinnamon roll and Smart Roast® coffee as well as other morning favorites. The SimplySmart™ shower incorporates a proprietary Stay Smart™ Kohler showerhead, upgraded 100 percent cotton terry towels and a new line of cinnamon-scented bath products...
We have already noted with amusement that an early guest told the New York Times that early one morning one of the first things he spied out his window was someone urinating on the newly boarded up apartment building across the street. Next, we suspect, will come a perplexed tourist from Wyoming that somehow ends up on Union Street between Third and Fourth avenues, who looks around and says, "Boy, Park Slope is a lot of media hype, huh? Where are the stroller moms?" (Not to disrespect this stretch of Union Street. We're just saying that we don't think it's Park Slope.)

We love Gowanus. Gowanus is a friend of ours. But Gowanus, you're no Park Slope.


Blogger Sunset Parker said...

Now you must know what we feel like in Sunset Park. Our borders have been chipped away at by neighborhood imperialism and sheer ignorance (on both our north and south boundaries- by the Slope and Bay Ridge respectively).

The southern border of Park Slope is and always has been Prospect Ave (bet. 16th and 17th) where Sunset Park begins. However, the ridiculous Broker-created term "Greenwood Heights" or people who just elongate the south slope to the edge of the cemetery on 22nd is rampant. Just last week, OTBKB ran a "best of slope". The Lopez Bakery between 18th and 19th on 5th Ave was listed, as the Slope's best bakery, despite the fact that it's three blocks into Sunset Park. The Slope doesn't have enough that they have to claim our businesses as their own?

As far as Park Slope/Gowanus, to be clear, the median on 4th Ave is the official Western boundary of the Slope;Eastern boundary of Gowanus. Anything on the east side of 4th is in Park Slope. The ones on the west are in Gowanus...

But as you surely know, Brokers and Developers rarely constrain themselves with the truth...

12:57 PM  
Anonymous said...

This could be remedied by a nice stencil across the front of the new building:


5:03 PM  

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