Friday, August 25, 2006

More on the Food Fest at the Red Hook Soccer Fields


[Photo of Lainez Salvadoran papusas courtesy Porkchop Express]

Nevermind the fact that the New York Times discovered the Red Hook Soccer Fields this week. Porkchop Express, the superb food blog that offers up so much more than swine, is still busy eating up a storm at Red Hook's Latino sidewalk restaurants. The net result is a complete--and we mean thorough--guide to virtually every stand that you will find at this wonderful weekend food festival. Porkchop has done a superb job producing the ultimate guide to the sidewalk eateries.

Porkchop's write ups include in-depth information about the food by way of explanation, detailed reviews, background on the owners and more.

Consider this excerpt from Porkchop's review of the ceviche mixto at Rojas Ecuadorian:
It's a generous, welcoming assortment. Lime, onion, and fresh herbs greet the nose, while plump rosy shrimp urge the eyes to get the brain to tell the hand to have some already...I experimented with a little fresh lime (not necessary) and extra salt (ditto), but really enjoyed dashes of their hotsauce. The thick puree of green chilis and scallions added a little zing to the schwing, without detracting from the delicate flavor of the seafood. And no matter how we tampered, one thing was clear: this was a winner.
Fresh, recent reviews from Porkchop include:
Consider it the ultimate Red Hook soccer fields dining guide.


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