Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Red Hook Waterfront Attraction: Fairway Trash

Red Hook Trash1

We'd noticed that the end of Van Brunt Street has been a little funky--as in rotting food funky--since Fairway opened in Red Hook. And, we'd heard some grousing from local business people that the grocery is a lousy neighbor, treating Van Brunt as its personal loading dock and trash disposal area. So, we were depressed--but not suprised--when we were walking around what has always been one of our favorite Brooklyn waterfront spots saw for ourselves what was at the end of the street (above) and how much the back of the Fairway near the old trolleys has morphed into a gross and disgusting trash disposal area (below).

Some Fairway trash and garbage scent with your waterfront view of the Statue of Liberty?


Red Hook Trash 2


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