Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pitching Muni Bonds Via Bizarre Gowanus Canal Boat Ride

This gem, which features the Gowanus Canal, may qualify as one of the stranger videos we've seen recently. It is from municipal bond salesman Jim Lebenthal, who functions as the pitchman for the Gowanus both onshore and on a boat crusing the canal with a classical music backdrop. Lebenthal, apparently, wants to sell tax-free bonds to finance Gowanus redevelopment. The video is called "Coming Clean on the Gowanus Canal" and is part of a series of NYC and other videos that Lebenthal has posted on You Tube, and we sort of stumbled upon it. It's a definite four-star vid, if only for the unintended oddness and humor. Watch by clicking on the embedded video or on this link.


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