Friday, September 08, 2006

Apropos of Nothing Brooklyn: "A New High-Impact Medium"

We are going way off topic with item, but the product we stumbled upon while creating our first Gowanus Lounge Video on youtube to post here, was so oddly compelling and so scary in terms of its implications that we had to post the vid here. It's from Phillips, and it's a promotional video for its new "light emitting textiles." (Flexible color LEDS embedded in fabric.) We have long awaited the day when you could walk around in a shirt or jacket that showed a video or whatever you chose. And, while this particular product may be to "light emitting textiles" what video Pong was to the video games of today, that day is close. Very close.

While the clothes below only do rudimentary patterns, (and one reviewer call the images "pixelated") they're being pitched to advertisers as "a new high-impact medium." How long do you figure it will be before we see a lit-up "high impact" human billboard walking somewhere in Brooklyn? (You see, there is a Brooklyn connection to this story after all.)

The vid shows the fabric on shirts and upholstery. The day you can park your ass on a video of George Bush's face, or a secret vid of your boss, may be closer than you think. Battery life is about four hours. About the laundry issues, we don't know.

Click on the embed or on this link.


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