Monday, September 04, 2006

Coney Island Shortcakes Gets Some Press


We've been waiting all summer for someone in the print media to write about the graphic designer duo of Dan Weise and Kalene Rivers who who've spent the summer serving up strawberry shortcakes and smiles on the Coney Island boardwalk. So, we were tickled to see the Daily News story (which we knew was in the making as Dan and Kalene had blogged about the visit from the writer and photographer)about them yesterday (Sunday). An excerpt:
Weise, 29, and Rivers, 32, have become the newest members of the cult of Coney, spending 12-hour days between Shoot the Freak and Nathan's Famous. They get beers from Cha Cha's regulars and count most of the Freaks (who get paid to be a target for paint-gun shooters) as customers.

For the two entrepreneurs (both are also artists and freelance graphic designers), that's part of the appeal. It wasn't a fondness for shortcakes that launched the project - although both grew up eating them in upstate New York - but their love of the nabe.

"A lot of New York is indistinguishable from any other place in the country," says Weise. "Coney Island still has character. It still has flavor to it. It feels authentic, because it is."
Congratulations, Dan and Kalene, and thanks for the excellent shortcakes. You can check out their blog--which features some excellent Coney photos and videos--here at Coney Island Shortcakes.

BONUS: Tonight is your last chance to catch some fireworks at Coney. The Labor Day end of summer blast is sponsored by the Cyclones, who are playing at 6:00PM. The fireworks will follow the conclusion of the game. See Summer '06 out with a Coney Island Bang.



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