Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Seventh Avenue Park Slope Bistro?


Work has been going on at the former site of the vile India House on Seventh Avenue in Park Slope for nearly two months now. While we're not certain what is opening there, and every time we pass by we only find painters and other workers, it has begun to have the distinct look of a French bistro. There is etched glass, a tin ceiling and that sort of thing. (If someone has already reported its identity, we missed it.)

The new owners are clearly putting a lot of money into totally redoing the food poisoning decor of the defunct Scourge of Seventh Avenue. Whatever opens, we have to say that it will be a 100,000,000% improvement on the eatery, whose closing was actually greeted with glee in spots like Chowhound. We never even thought about setting foot in India House and wondered how it managed to stay open every time we walked by. (There are some places that look bad but that you know harbor hidden culinary delights and, then, there are places that look bad that you know instinctively are revolting. India House fell into the second category.) There is still an India House on Court Street in Cobble Hill, which has a decidedly similar look to the Seventh Avenue spot and, we assume, common ownership.

If anyone knows anything about the new restaurant, please share!


Anonymous ... former slopie. said...

....ah, which reminds me ... i recently had the misfortune of renting the backroom of the thai place on 7th off of 8th street (diagonal from the old carriage inn, next to the cabinet shop) ...

.... it was (::gag::) disgusting ... we were ambushed by two roaches and armies of dive-bombing flies.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's going to be a Cajun restaurant.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Keylime Steve said...

I've been dealing with Greg (the owner and chef) for years at the Delta Grill, both as a purveyor and at the 9th Ave Food Fest. Cajun indeed, and Greg's credentials are impressive, he worked in NO and trained under Chef Paul Prudhomme. A great addition to 7th Ave (and Brooklyn for that matter), I just wish he had opened somewhere here in Red Hook.

11:12 AM  

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