Sunday, October 29, 2006

Apology (Again) on Behalf of Dysfunctional Blogger Server

Here we go again. GL--and every other blog hosted on Blogger--will update at some point today, whenever blogger gets around to solving the exact same technical glitch that afflicted it yesterday. We're updating very early today for a Sunday morning, thanks to the time change, but the posts will appear when Blogger allows them to appear--maybe in ten minutes, maybe in two hours, maybe in six hours.

We apologize, again, for the "technical difficulties." This reminds us, though, that we have got to follow up on our long-delayed plan to switch to our own server and domain and to kiss this little corner of the Google empire goodbye.

Although, we do, again, enjoy the excuse to run a funny image. Thanks for the laugh, at least, Blogger.


Blogger Lesterhead said...

UG- CHB is crunked up right now, and I am unable to post the Haunted House 10/29 photo! Bah.

5:40 PM  

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