Sunday, October 01, 2006

Berlin Pics: Because They're Cool and a Little Brooklyn

This flickr photoset of Berlin shots was posted by soupflowers, who also shoots rocking pics of Brooklyn. (If you haven't see them, check out her Red Hook set.) In any case, this Berlin set is especially interesting because Berlin is one of the graffiti and street art capitals of the universe. Also, we have a deep fascination with all things Berlin, dating to our many, many visits to the city and attachment to it because we were there when the Wall fell nearly 17 years ago and stood atop it, cheering, in a much different and in some way, simpler, time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my Berlin 2006 Set on the Gowanus Lounge.
I sometimes come across my pics just by searching for my nickname in Google.
Interesting to see what happens with my pics.

I like your Blog btw.

I will be back in NYC next week. Only for 8 days, but that's better than nothing. I haven't planned any phototrips yet, but I am working on it.


8:46 AM  

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