Thursday, October 19, 2006

Here We Go Again: NYPD Wants to Rain on Your Parade

Remember those "two is a parade" rules the NYPD was pushing this summer, only to retract them for further consideration after a bit of a public uproar? Well, they're back with very minor revisions. This time, the Police Department wants to require parade permits for groups of 10 or more bicyclists or pedestrians who plan to travel more than two city blocks without complying with traffic laws. According to onNYTurf, which is on top of the story again:
Is that just j-walking? Someone should let the tourist in Times Square know before they get in trouble.

The NYPD will also attempt to enforce permits for groups of 30 or more bicyclists or pedestrians who obey traffic laws. The new rules are expected to be unveiled in a public notice today.

Public hearing is set for Nov. 27.

So, 10 or more of you out there together, and if the police don't like you and you step off the curb during a red light, the result will be a mass arrest. 30 or more and they don't even need a j-walking excuse.
Yesterday afternoon, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn said she welcomed the revision calling it a "substantial improvement" over the original plan. Efforts to block the new proposal should start soon.


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So if 31 people come to the public hearing together.....


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