Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Parrot Lover in Gowanus or Something More Sinister?

Of all the crappy stories that we come across, one that continues to bother us is the one about our beloved Brooklyn wild Monk Parrots disappearing--because poachers are taking and selling them to pet stores. Sadly, it's the sort of problem that will be hard to stop, unless someone catches them and unless there are new penalties for parrot poaching.

In any case, one of our readers in Gowanus emailed us to say that someone on Third Avenue is either a big parrot lover, a pet store owner, or, well, something else. No crime in keeping a lot of parrots around, one supposes, but we thought it worth sharing his email:
I wanted to share my experience. I built a playhouse for my son in the backyard this summer, and while I was putting the roof on, I could see over many back yards. The yard of one house along 3rd Ave (btwn 10th & 11th St) was completely covered by netting, and full of at least half a dozen squawking parrots. I thought it was strange, but maybe the owner of a pet store, or just a crazy parrot guy? But now, to hear that parrots are disappearing...
Anyone else know anything about the parrot house on Third Avenue? It would be pretty hard to miss if you are nearby given the level of noise that Monk Parrots can make.

Meantime, the poaching story has been out there for a while. It was broken by Steve Baldwin, who is Brooklyn's wild parrot expert back in July. We feel very badly that we didn't catch it back then and help to start making a big stink about it. Back in July, Brooklyn Parrot wrote:
I have been able to verify through a source that these parrots have been stolen by thieves. According to this source, two men, one with a long pole, have been taking live parrots from the pole nests in Marine Park. They work at night, and have been seen by residents. If this is the same operation that has stolen parrots in Midwood, their MO is to sell the parrots to local pet stores for $25 a piece, where they have value not as pets, but as breeding pairs.
Mr. Baldwin is working with the Borough President's office on ways to protect the wild parrots. Let's hope for speedy action.

For more about our wonderful Brooklyn parrots check out brooklynparrots.com.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Brooklyn parrots! I live near the Greenwood ones and I love to watch them. I hope the poacher(s) are caught!

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