Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Renderings of Two New Fourth Avenue Buildings

Among many other things, this week's Brooklyn Papers offers a look at renderings of two new buildings planned for booming Fourth Avenue, the unofficial DMZ between Park Slope and Gowanus, over which there are frequent incursions. First, on the right, is a 12-story condo highrise that Ariella Cohen writes is going up at Fourth Avenue and Seventh Street "on the Gowanus end of Park Slope." (Extra points and tips of the hat to her for identifying the location that way!) She adds that building, which will be located at 410 Fourth Avenue and be in an L-shape, will leave four-story building next door in shadow. The architect told her that, "In some some way, the shadows are OK. They cool things off."

The other building is being built at 255 First St. right off Fourth Avenue. It rises to different heights because part of the property is in the upzoned Fourth Avenue district and the rest is not. And so, the building will be 120 feet tall on the west and only 50 feet on the other side. The architect of that building told Ms. Cohen, "We has to get creative to play by the rules."

Both buildings seem, at first glance, to be more visually interesting than the two Boymelgreen towers rising on Fourth Avenue between Third Street and Fifth street. And, we are now indebted to the architect of the first building noted above for providing the upside to having your building covered in shadows from the highrise next door.

Keeps things cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone please post the name or contact information of the Architect for the L-shaped project.

I'd like to give them a "cool" piece of my mind about living in the shadow of their EGO!

2:47 PM  

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