Thursday, November 30, 2006

Brooklyn Holiday Lights Viewing Guide

Willamsburg Xmas

We already have Prospect Park in Lights, the lighting display that was officially turned on on Monday. This weekend and early next week should mark the start of an awful lot of outdoor decorations being lit up, if they're not already blazing. Here are some other spots where you can get your fill of Christmas lights, Brooklyn-style:

Dyker Heights. First among equals in Brooklyn, the Lights of Dyker Heights are something to behold. They're insane, over the top and so Brooklyn you'll want to scream. And, you'll have plenty of company because they're estimated to attract 100,000 visitors during the holiday season, including bus loads full of kids. The area where the lights are centered is between 80th and 86ths Street and 10th and 13th Avenues, with 84th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues having some displays that words simply can't describe. If you've never been, Dyker Heights is next to Bay Ridge. You can click on this Google Map for help finding the area.

Dumbo. This year, for the first time, Brooklyn Bridge Park is going to have some lighting displays that are being promoted as being pretty cool. We'll have to wait until the switch is flipped on December 5 at 6PM to see for sure. The show runs through January 7.

Carroll Gardens. Among the many things we love about Carroll Gardens is the exuberant nature of the Christmas displays. Take a walk through the neighborhood and see for yourself. There are some very enthusiastic displays not far from the Gowanus Canal.

Downtown Brooklyn. Brooklyn's tree is in front of Borough Hall. It'll be lit on December 13th with a Hannukkah menorah to follow on December 18. Metrotech and the area around the Marriott also have some cool lighting.

Williamsburg. Some people in the Burg pull out all the stops to decorate their houses. There are some very lit up houses around Berry. One street that is also heavily decorated is Ainslie between Graham and Humboldt.

Bergen Beach. We haven't personally seen the Bergen Beach lights, but the lights on National and Arkansas Drives are said to be one the borough's "biggest and brightest displays." You have a car and you have a Google Map and you're right there.

(Some of the information here comes from the Borough President's Brooklyn!! publication, which arrived in Brooklyn mailboxes last week. As always, we're sure there are some very decorated Brooklyn streets and neighborhoods that we're missing. Feel free to add them in comments or to email us so that we can add them.)


Blogger Z. Madison said...

Dyker Heights takes the prize in any holiday light displays. Over the top, outragous and definitely something to behold. Although, there are definitely some yards in Carroll Gardens that can give our neighbors to the south a run for their money.

2:19 PM  
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