Thursday, November 23, 2006

Brooklyn Thanksgiving Vegetarian Options

Thanksgiving is not a day for vegetarians (and certainly not for turkeys), so in the interest of information sharing (not that you need us if you're going meat-free), we're putting down a couple of thoughts. There is the do-it-yourself vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner (with or without the interesting Tofurky) option and there are some interesting recipes here. We'll also note that the Park Slope Food Coop will be open on Thanksgiving Day from 8:30-2:30, if that's your scene.

While there are any number of options in Brooklyn and New York City, there are a few we'll mention: Red Bamboo in Fort Greene will be open for Thanksgiving dinner, and told us there will likely be a three-course prix fixe menu for $23 in addition to the regular menu. The Thanksgiving menu will include "smoked turkey" and a lot of fixings, plus dessert. They strongly advise reservations.

Also, Foodswings, the Williamsburg vegan spot is offering a full Thanksgiving dinner from 5PM-10PM. The cost was noted as $15 in advance and $20 on Thanksgiving day. While Foodswings is a cool spot, it may not be everyone's thing on Thanksgiving, so perhaps it would be a good take out option if you call in advance. They're featuring "New England Turkey," by the way.

For those with a bigger budget, Park Slope's Applewood is offering a lot of vegetarian sides for takeout at about $100 for two people. We saw this in a Brooklynian discussion, so it's best to call the restaurant and see what kind of advance ordering is required. (The "events" page on Applewood's site was supposed to have Thanksgiving information, but has none.)

'Round Manhattan way, Counter on First Avenue in the East Village is offering a Thanksgiving dinner. It's noted for being insane on holidays, but if you don't mind a crowd, and reservations are still available, it could be a good option. Also in Manhattan, Hangawi, the vegetarian Korean restaurant in Midtown is supposed to be open on Thanksgiving.

It's not a vegetarian list, but About Brooklyn recently offered a list of Brooklyn restaurants open for Thanksgiving.

And, finally, for those who are interested, we'll mention the Adopt-A-Turkey Project, from whence the photo, above, of Blossom came. Twenty bucks gets you an adoption.

Oh, and via Gothamist which got it via Supervegan, we direct you to this handy Tofurky Disguise Kit. The, um, results are pictured here, just above. And relevant to nothing in terms of eating suggestions, other than irony, check out the tale of the wild turkeys in Jersey that showed up at train station and also seem to have caused a traffic accident.

(We apologize in advance for any glaring omissions. We weren't trying to be exhaustive, just helpful. If others have suggestions, please leave them in the comments section or email us and we will add them!)


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