Friday, November 10, 2006

Brooklyn Week in Review: A Little Out of Control

The first week of November, 20006 was the one in which Democrats wrested control of the legislative branch in Washington from the Republicans--which has absolutely nothing to do with the development issues that concern us, although it has a lot to do with a significant number of other things. Unfortunately, the recapture of the Governorship by a Democrat may have little impact on major developments too.

No matter. The paper that carries all the news that is fit to print finally saw fit to print what so many people in Brooklyn already know: That the pace of development is fast and furious and that promised benefits like affordable housing are not materializing and that quality of life and even safety is threatened. Certainly, our history is disappearing as highlighted by the abominable demolition of the Old Dutch Mustard factory in Williamsburg. The developer said he was "behooved" to rub out history and build from the ground up. And, of course, there are affronts like the Finger Building, which is going to court next week. That would be the Finger of N. 8th Street as opposed to the Finger of Richardson Street or the Really, Really Big Freaking Finger called Northside Piers that is now rising on the East River. Even Coney Island is getting fingered. Although, the Fulton Street Mall will simply get botoxed and the moms and babies in Williamsburg will get more lactation services.

Heath and Michelle, though, simply love Brooklyn and aren't going anywhere. Not like those fair weather friend cruise ships that are done with Red Hook for the season.

We also learned that Domino's Brooklyn-Style Pizza is clearly resonating in New York City, though not, necessarily, the way that the pizza company hoped. For an interesting take, check out Gowanus-Style Pizza.

Then, of course, we have the asshole that threw a cat out the window and was charged with a felony. And the A Train that provided the Ride from Hell with open doors.

And, finally, we got some mea culpas out of last week's problem people--the Greenpoint Verminizer, David Langlieb, whose satire clearly fell flat, and the Goose Step Kid, who turned out to protest his own behavior.

They're sorry.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.


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