Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Coney Island Death Watch: Reactions to the New Renderings

There's a little more to report about the, um, interesting Coney renderings published by the Post yesterday. The Post, itself, follows up with this blurb that notes that city officials saw the drawings and have pronounced them "on the right track":
City officials who control the future of Coney Island say the latest renderings for a $1.5 billion, Vegas-glitz amusement area around the boardwalk are right on track.

Joshua Sirefman, interim president of the city's Economic Development Corp., said developer Thor Equities' latest proposal shows "the right kind of energy that we've always talked about for Coney Island."
No word on the batman character in the picture or the pumpkin on the mermaid's butt. Kinetic Carnival, the superb Coney blog, also weighs in with very thoughtful commentary:
These new served up renderings by Thor Equities seems like some lesser quality rejects which were not part of the small collection that was displayed this summer. And now, simply rehashed in light of the negative press.

Or perhaps a limited job of redesigning with not much to offer. With one of the cluttered drawings released in time for our Halloween spirits, a pumpkin on a witchy mermaid’s bum towers over those miniature parachute jumps that seem to be the recurring theme, here. With the other rendering a giant whale hologram seems to be a throwback to what we saw a few weeks ago in one of the Aquarium competing drawings.
Us, we can't wait for more, especially for the renderings that show exactly how many highrises are proposed for the property.



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