Friday, November 17, 2006

Coney Island Scale-O-Matic: The Shrinking Parachute Jump

Coney Scale O Matic Final

Not to do overkill on Thor Equities proposal for Coney Island, but one critical element that's clearly been downplayed is the plan to build up to four highrises in the amusement area near the boardwalk. At least one would be up to 40 stories tall. How tall is that in the Coney Island context? Pretty darned tall. The graphic we created above shows a generic 40-story building against existing Coney landmarks such as the Parachute Jump, Wonder Wheel and Cyclone. A 40-story building would be twice as high as the Parchute Jump and more than triple the height of the Wonder Wheel. The Cyclone? Fugghedaboudit. The day could come, in five or ten years, when the view from the west side of the Wonder Wheel is of the lower floors of an apartment building.



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