Sunday, November 05, 2006

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist: I Got Bucks

The weekend means many things, and one of them is our weekly post of our favorite Craigslist Missed Connection. CL's Missed Connections have a bit of everything: comedy, tragedy, romance, psychostalking, etc. This week, we again skip over the subway and turn to a natural location: the gym.
NYSC Are you the blondie im in secret love with - m4w - 39
You are about 5'6 blonde and have an amazing bottom, I am in ok shape but I try, was told I have movie star facial features but one thing is definite I have movie star financial status.

I am the guy who asked you about the hours then told you a joke that you said made your day.

I can offer you the financial security you deserve and in addition I am not hard on the eyes, don’t let all those wannabe successful gym guys fool you most do not have any money at all, I doubt there are any true financial independent guys in this gym that even come close to my status.

Get back to me please ill treat you like a real princess.

Honorable Mention:
Green ipod Lady, Prancing Across Carroll St, Dropping Said ipod... - m4w


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