Sunday, November 26, 2006

Disconnected in Brooklyn on Craigslist

On the weekend, we turn our attention to the Missed Connections section of Craiglist. Where else can one find so much sadness, comedy, longing and karma or lack thereof in one place and in so few words?

This week, naturally, we turn to a Thanksgiving-related missed connection, which means that it is grocery-related, but don't miss the Honorable Mention, which is theft-related, and not so much a missed connection as a shout out to a Thankgiving thief.
Pre-Thanksgiving Grocery Shopping - m4w - 27
In the Cooking/Ingredients aisle at the grocery store, I was looking for peanut oil, and you were looking for something on the opposite side of the aisle. Our backs were pointed towards each other, our faces away.

We each pulled back to get a better look at the sections we were searching, and our heads ended up right next to each other, a mere few inches apart. I tried to act like I didn't notice your head directly next to mine. But in fact, I noticed that you smelled very nice.

Secretly, this non-interaction delighted me.
How many of these happened all over Brooklyn on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Honorable Mention:
mc with my phone that you stole at Capone's THANKSGIVING - m4m - 34


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