Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Gowanus Canal: Ye Olde Oil Slick Groweth

Dirty Gowanus Two

The Gowanus Canal may be no Newtown Creek--and it's awfully quiet on the Greenpoint Oil Spill front these days--but it is starting to look worse. The oil leaking to the canal's surface north of the Union Street Bridge seems to be getting worse, and at low tide the canal's surface is a disgusting, scummy mess. Now, we're not floating around on the Big G taking water quality samples, but our eyes tell us that the situation is worsening, not getting better. Repeat after us: One step forward. Two steps back.

Dirty Gowanus Four

Gowanus One

Dirty Gowanus Three


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, how long have you been here? did you really buy into the look ma, there's seals! myth? stick around kid, you are starting to learn.

9:39 PM  
Blogger neilzao said...

a year later, if anyone is interested...'mycoremediation' has entered my radar.


11:23 AM  

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