Saturday, December 16, 2006

Super Cool New Subway Vid Series: Railtrip NY

So, let's say you can't get enough of the train. We've got just the thing for you: an oddly riveting series of videos now being posted on youtube shot out the front window of trains on various subway lines. It's the new Railtrip NY Series posted by tripgas and they're a must-see if you're a look out the front window of the train kind of person. Or, even, if you've never taken the A to the Rockaways, for instance, and wonder what the view is like.

The vid embedded below is the M train going through Bushwick. There's also a cool vid of the F going to Smith-9th and vids of the A going across Jamaica Bay to the Rockaways, the A in the Rockways and the N to Astoria. We found this through Random Brooklyn, which featured the F Train video recently, and the creator has been busy posting a lot more. Truly, we love these videos. We've watched a lot of Brooklyn subway vids, but there are easily the best.


Anonymous Robert Bellarn said...

Thanks for the kind words. it's important to preserve this history of new york and growing up a railfan, it's always so cool to see out of the front of the trains. Please check out my site and on youtube for my other clips. Including my forthcoming internet radio show as well as a series on the final season of Astroland called "Memories of Coney". Thanks. Robert from Tripgas.

12:50 AM  

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