Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gehry Doing a Miss Brooklyn Makeover

Frank Gehry breaks some news by noting that his Miss Brooklyn is undergoing a serious redesign. "Miss Brooklyn" was supposed to be a 60 story building, but its size was trimmed at before the Atlantic Yards development was approved by the Empire State Development Corporation. Now, Mr. Gehry says, as quoted in the Courier-Life paper: "Miss Brooklyn – she’s gone. She’s a new one now. I have a new Miss Brooklyn. I haven’t showed it yet and she’s better...I’ve always loved a reason to start over again and I did it."

You might remember Mr. Gehry's original explanation of naming Miss Brooklyn: "When we were studying Brooklyn, we happened upon a wedding, a real Brooklyn wedding. And we decided that Miss Brooklyn was a bride." Now, as it turns out, he says, "Miss Brooklyn got named when one of my guys was bringing the model from LA to New York and they had to buy a seat on the airplane, and when they sold the seat they needed a name so he said, 'call her Miss Brooklyn' and it stuck."

Also, Mr. Gehry says this regarding the Manhattanization of Brooklyn about which many residents are concerned:
It will be the Brooklynization of Brooklyn not the Manhattanization. Things are changing and growing, and people are attracted to the center — the cities, and whether you like it or not it’s happening here.
Somehow, we feel better knowing that it is inevitable.


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