Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gowanus #2: The Demolition Man Cometh to Second Street

Gowanus Demolition One

The vanguard of change has apparently landed on the shores of the Gowanus. Demolition crews are working to tear down a warehouse next to the Canal at 137 2nd Street (AKA 64 1st Street), which runs through to First Street. This is of particular interest because the building sits on land on which the Toll Brothers want to build their mixed-use Gowanus Village. You might remember that the firm pulled its application for a brownfield cleanup of another property in the neighborhood and has complained that the rezoning it (and other developers) want in the neighborhood that would permit residential construction has not yet happened. (The other building, on 1st Street, is a warehouse eligible for the National Register of Historic Places and could be the subject a local preservation fight, if it isn't demolished first.) The demolition permits were issued on January 17 and the tear down was already underway by the 19th. Records show that the property hasn't changed hands yet. Word of the demolition came via the blog The Food of the Future. The entire block (shaded in red, below) between First and Second Streets and between Bond Street and the Gowanus Canal is under the same ownership.

Gowanus Demo Map

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