Wednesday, January 10, 2007

South Slope Development Still Doing Crack

1504 8th

Development in the South Slope is the gift that keeps on giving, possibly because the people being tormented by it send out significant quantities of email, call the city about violations, blog about the problems and post youtube videos showing them whereas residents of other neighborhoods--say, Williamsburg--aren't as vocal in public. In any case, the development at 406-408 15th Street, which has caused significant damage to neighboring buildings continues to exact a cracky and dangerous toll. The long suffering building at 1504 8th Avenue, which was vacated last summer, has now been cleared out again as "imminently perilous to life." (This is the building whose life on crack has been detailed by local blog IMBY; the fact that it is has not fallen apart from the excavation induced cracks is incredible.) And, a 20-foot-long crack has appeared in the wall of the adjacent Memorial Baptist Church on Eighth Avenue (And, there are sinkholes on adjacent properties, trees falling over, etc.)

If you're not impressed, picture waking up one morning and finding that such a horror is about to transpire next to your apartment, condo or coop.

In any case, here's a bit more narrative from Concerned Citizens of Greenwood Heights, whose members go the mats every time they notice a violation or problems (which is to say they are very, very, very busy):
After much calling about, with help of Community Board 7 and CM DeBlasio's office, a DOB inspector came. Could not gain access (go figure) but did goto a neighboring property, survey the damage and promptly sated "I Cannot Do Anything!" (of course I paraphrase here)

"WTF!" residents remark (politely, of course) and they are told that since no one is working on 406-408 15th Street, in the pouring rain, he cannot issue a citation for ALL or ANY of the damage...even though he acknowledged additional violations. Without waiting to meet the minister of the Baptist Church, he promptly took off.

WTF! (less politely) was my response. Since when can a DOB inspector turn a blind eye to violations he himself points out to the neighbors he is with?

We have seen sites shut down for expired permits, let alone massive damage to adjacent properties with no workers on site.
We're guessing that if the development were causing damage to the Park Slope Armory, which is across the street and getting $20 million worth of city renovations, the city might be more proactive in saying no to crack?

15th Street

Cracking Building

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UPDATE: As of this morning, the Greenwood Heights group says they've heard from Community Board Seven that the Department of Buildings issued a Stop Work Order for the 406-408 15th Street project and was sending someone to check the 20-foot crack in the church. Workers, though, were still on site working and no inspector had been there.


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