Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fingered No More: Building's Growth Stunted by Judge's Ruling


The Finger Building, which came to symbolize change in Williamsburg because of the way it towers over its neighbors, will be staying at its current height of ten stories. In addition to its height, the building was known for the towering crane that appeared on N. 7th Street in the summer of 2005, but it has been tied up in litigation for some time as the developer went to court to try to grow the Finger to 16 stories. On Tuesday, a Brooklyn judge ruled against the developer, Mendel Brach. The case hinged on the question of roof decks that Mr. Brach and architect Robert Scarano built over some adjoining buildings. Two property owners objected, saying they didn't have a right to build. The 'open space' from the decks would have allowed a building taller than ten stories under zoning regulations. The judge said no and sided with the property owners. There could be a trial and a different decision, but the consensus is that it's now highly unlikely the Finger will go beyond the current ten stories.


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