Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's the "New Park Slope"!

2007_02_Novo Park Slope Screencap

We've had our share of fun with the Boymelgreen development on Park Slope called Novo Park Slope (which we dubbed Boymelgreen Hall because of its, um, institutional look). The marketing campaign for the development is on now, and it may set a new standard of salesmanship. Here's what Corcoran's site says:
Novo is the new Park Slope. This handsome condominium sets a new standard for full-service living, offering amenities previously unavailable in Park Slope. Come see how your new home pioneers comfort and style as Fourth Avenue evolves into a modern and exciting residential corridor, rich with the ambience and energy of Park Slope. Luxurious lifestyle begins when entering the lobby from a landscaped garden off a quaint 5th street approach. Once inside, open layouts and an impressive array of sunlit building amenities are several of the hallmarks of life at the NOVO. The building’s proximity to JJ Byrne Memorial Park offers not only wide open views, but also provides convenient access to extras such as a playground, a dog run and basketball courts. Facing west, many residences offer impressive views of the Manhattan Skyline, Verrazano Bridge and the East River.
"Facing west" is, of course, the big yellow taxi place, Pep Boys and Staples, but we're sure it looks a lot better from above than it does at street level and we also think Hotel Le Bleu is going to polish things up when it opens. In any case, we can't wait to see the full Novo's website. The attempt to try to remake Fourth Avenue's image has started.


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