Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Meet Brooklyn's First Bi- Condo: She Has a MySpace Page and Wants Friends


Hi, my name is Sydney and I'm a 30-year-old female who digs pool, poker, x-box, movies, long walks on the street. Musically, I like Led Zep. Movie-wise, I'm into Repo Man, Star Wars and Amelie. I like the Sopranos, CSI Miami and I read the Onion.

Oh, and I'm a building on Pacific Street in Prospect Heights.

We've been aware of the Hello Living campaign for the former Pacific Blue Prospect Heights buildings for a while, but a GL reader brought the MySpace page that each building has to our attention. All of which brings real estate marketing an, um, interesting new level. For instance, Sydney says:
Id like to meet serious thrill seekers. Someone who looks for the entertainment in life. Someone who wants to play, for the sake of winning. A heavy need for quality films and that can play pool. Hey, im not all about after hours entertainment, I also enjoy the rooftop lounge and the fact that I can drive my big ass car into the garage in the basement, drop off my bag upstairs and go somewhere where I can relax, enjoy some scotch and not be anywhere near my roommate!
The buildings all have different personalities. For instance, Sydney is female and straight and she also smokes and drinks. She doesn't want kids. Hudson, on the other hand, is a married 27-year-old guy with kids.

Madison, however, is Brooklyn's first officially bi- condo. (We're sure someone will let us know if there's been another.) She lists her orientation as "not sure," her body type as "more to love." One of Madison's friends is Jenny BiBabe, who's on My Space to, you know, do something other than buy real estate. (If somone monitors your web usage at the office, you might want to wait before going over to Jenny BiBabe, lest you have to explain why you were checking her out on MySpace at the office.)

Dakota, is a 35-year-old female who describes herself as a "swinger" and says:
I'd like to meet people who really want more out of life. People you want to raise the quality of their own lives. I want design snobs and trust fund kids. Ok, here's where my straight laced routine may slip : I like couples and/or singles. Hell, id even dig the idea of families joining in. I want all the hipsters that are too hip for williamsburg. I want all the east villagers to have more space to create in. To be honest, I'd just like to meet you.
Oh, and Dakota also says, "Awe yeah. Im a freaking sex-machine."

We are not making this up. But someone with a very interesting marketing mind certainly did.

Back when Set Speed first noted the marketing site back in January, he wrote "[I]t looks like Aguayo & Huebener has hired a marketing mind never really seen before in real estate." The myspace pages definitely confirm it.

You can check out Montana, Sydney, Madison, Hudson, Dakota and Austin. A few more screencaps below.

Oh, and Set Speed notes that they've got a flickr set and YouTube vids.

Yeah, we're suckers for a clever, if not viral, marketing campaign.




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