Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Scenic View Across the Gowanus"

The artist that created the sketch above and the writer of the words below, apparently found his way to the little "park" at the edge of the Lowe's parking lot on Ninth Street at the Gowanus Canal. Few people ever wander there because you've got to cross the entire Lowe's lot to get there, but it does provide one of the more industrial views in New York City and an excellent vantage on the F Train, the scrap yard on the canal and the Gowanus Expressway. In any case, here are some of the words from a blog called Crack Skull Bob that go with the picture:
Amanda tells me those are condos over there. Like I believe her. The interesting thing about this scene, which you can't see, is that someone has created a little park on the edge of the canal (I'm sitting on one of its benches) ...with nothing to be seen except this pile of old factories, the elevated train tracks, and a huge scrap heap with monster-like cranes tossing giant prickly mouthfuls of scrap at each other (see Amanda's sketch if you don't believe me.) So I guess the park-builder's hope was that people would wander down here and spend an hour or so contemplating how man has made a huge mess of the planet, and if so, I commend him or her.
We love Gowanus art and impressions of its charms.



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