Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bulging Manhattan Avenue Building Redux

998 Manhattan AvenueRemember that building with the long list of building code violations in Greenpoint that is being held up with steel beams? Well, we heard from a former tenant of the building. Among the highlights are that the fines haven't been paid (excellent enforcement mechanism) and that construction workers have been afraid of a collapse. In any case, here's some of the color:
I lived in the buttressed building featured on your blog for approximately 8 months before escaping. A couple of those violations were from my complaints, but the landlord didn't do anything, and was never forced to pay the fines. I was most alarmed when she rented the place out to the restaurant on the first floor. One day when I arrived home from work, the first construction crew working on the job was packing up all their stuff. They told me that after following the plans given to them they were sure that the building would collapse and refused to do any more work on the building. After this, I tried several avenues for help, including the local community board, dept. of buildings, etc. etc. After all this failed I got really pissed off and pawned the place off on someone else (if you're reading this, sorry about that), recovering my security deposit and avoiding any more rent.
No dull moments in Brooklyn real estate.

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