Thursday, May 24, 2007

Exceptionally Diminished Capacity in Park Slope

Diminished Capacity Two

We posted about the movie shoot in Park Slope for Diminished Capacity on Tuesday and several commenters noted that movie shooting season can mean hassles for residents impacted by the film shoot. Signs for the movie shoot are up on Eighth Avenue, Eight Street and Seventh Street. Last night we noticed that they'd spread to Sixth Street, which is why we bring this up again. City regulations require that signs be posted at least 48 hours in advance and we know for a fact that the Sixth Street signage was posted less than 24 hours ahead of time. (You can check out the filming guidelines here.) The signs went up on Wednesday long after other signs had been posted, so we're guessing that a number of people are coming out this morning to discover their cars, which they thought were safely parked, have been relocated. Just thought we'd share. Meantime, we'll catch some shots of the shoot itself. Or the towing of the cars. Or the residents with diminished anger management capacity.

For a take on how this makes residents nuts in other neighborhoods, check out this Open Letter to Dennis Leary posted by 11222. It says, in part, "Please stop taking all our parking spaces and disrupting life for needless blocks on end. You do not put up the parking signs with the mandated notice, and you make the boyfriend call the Mayor's office for TV and film to complain at least twice a month. You would sing 'The Asshole Song' to yourself if you lived here and had to deal with 'Rescue Me' hogging Greenpoint constantly."

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