Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quadriad: From Williamsburg to a Neighborhood Near You

Quadriad Development, which is building on the block bounded by Bedford Avenue, Berry, N. 3rd and N. 4th Streets in Williamsburg, made a presentation to Community Board 1 this week and fleshed out a bit of its vision for the parcel. It confirmed that it wants to build a 24-story tower at the corner of N. 3rd and Berry in addition to a five-story building with 75 units of housing that have already been announced. Interestingly, Quadriad intends to make the Williamsburg development--which uses affordable housing and other amenities as the carrot to entice zoning concessions for buildings far beyond what existing zoning allows--a model for its projects citywide. It is called "Community Incentive Zoning." The Williamsbug block on which Quadriad wishes to build was downzoned as part of the overall Greenpoint-Williamsburg rezoning. The developers have targeted a large number of other Williamsburg projects for highrise/lowrise housing and commercial developments.

"Coming soon to a neighborhood near you," remarked Williamsburg activist Phil DePaolo.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't the area zoned to a certain height as part of the waterfront rezoning. No way this 24 story monstrosity should be allowed on Bedford, it would look ridiculous - keep the yuppie high rise zone by the river and let bedford retain some of its character.

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