Friday, May 11, 2007

What's That Thing on Top? Carroll Gardens Edition

3rd Place Thing on Top

We return to our "What's That Thing on Top" feature, looking at interesting building additions around Brooklyn. The "Thing" comes to us from 116 3rd Place in Carroll Gardens and it is currently especially noticeable given that it's yellow. The addition is a fourth floor and a penthouse and we can happily say that a certain architect named Scarano, who we've dubbed the King of the Thing On Top, has nothing to do with it. We'll also note the project has resulted in 14 complaints to the Department of Buildings for things like work without a permit, working after hours, placing scaffolding on another property without permission, dumping construction material from the building on adjoining properties and other sorts of things that are likely to win love, affection and admiration from neighbors. There's one pending DOB violation for work without a permit on the thing.

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