Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brooklyn Nibbles: Delices de Paris Park Slope Mystery

Our friends at Eater have a fascinating post about Delices de Paris, the bakery/cafe on Ninth Street in Park Slope that is noteworthy for both the fairly public breakup of its owners and its issues with the health department. Apparently, they have passed three health inspections but DOH won't let them open. Eater reports:
This cafe has already had some controversy with the split-up of its husband and wife owners, but now they appear to be drawing extra DOH scrutiny and are mad as hell about it. About 9 different taped notes explain the reasons for their failure in May (unimportant) and describes their most recent inspection, in which they performed really well, but not perfectly. Something about hairnets, fruit flies, broken refrigerators...Anyway, they are directing customers to complain to the DOH about the closure, and to patronize their smaller cafe on 7th Avenue.
Head over to Eater for multiple pics of the signage. Nothing like a Park Slope mystery!
[Photo courtesy of Eater]

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