Monday, June 18, 2007

Coney Refresher: Here's the Amusment Zone

Strategic Plan Map

We figured that Thor Equities email announcement yesterday afternoon that its revised plan for its Coney Island project would adhere to the city's strategic plan called for a quick look at the document. According to the plan released in 2005, the Amusement District is defined as the area between Keypan Park and the New York Aquarium from east to west and between Surf Avenue and the Boardwalk from north to south. Thor's plan to put housing in this zone was a major source of contention both within the community and with city officials. (The plan says nothing about time shares or condo hotels.)

In any case, the image above shows the amusement zone as being the areas in red (to the right of the Parachute Jump and Keyspan Park) and in pink. The new Thor plan shifts its "hotel" highrises to the west of Stillwell Avenue in the zone defined in the Strategic Plan as the "Stillwell Midway." The image below, explains the plan's vision for the Amusement Area.

Strategic Plan Amusement Area



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