Saturday, June 30, 2007

Daily 360 Smith Battle Update: 850 Petition Signatures Gathered

360 smith sign reduced
Opponents of that controversial building at 360 Smith Street have gathered 850 signatures on a petition calling for zoning changes and a moratorium on new buildings more than fifty feet tall. The Carroll Gardens Petition Blog, meanwhile writes:
This week has seen a flurry of new activity for CORD! The petition 's call for a moratorium on the building of or alteration of any structure to a height of over fifty feet until WE can be presented with and decide upon the type of zoning or landmarking that will reshape our beloved neighborhood, is rapidly spreading! Numerous blogs, newspapers, and people on the street are carrying the word, and to date we have 800+ signatures in under a week and we are still collecting!

We urge, no, we BEG you to please keep spreading the word.Encourage your Carroll Gardens neighbors to get informed.If you love living here, love the neighborhood we have all made, and what we say makes sense to you,please sign the petition.

It's the Fourth of July so why not reflect on what the word DEMOCRACY means to you and your family, friends and neighbors? For a democracy to work for the benefit of ALL THE PEOPLE concerned, the people must speak up! Why not make an effort and contact the POLS over the next two weeks and let them know how you really feel about this important movement?
A resident emailed us to say:
We are giving people the two weeks to do this as we know that most Pols are off on expensive yachts selling brooklyn brooklyn piece by peice while the
rest of us make BBQ hotdogs in our backyards this weekend so we wanted to account for that "time difference."
There some local print media coverage too, but the story isn't posted online yet.



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