Thursday, June 07, 2007

EatsBKLYN: Weekly Report

Dona Zita

Here's some Brooklyn food news from the last week:

1) Doña Zita, Coney Island. Doña Zita, a small and great Mexican food stand has survived the closings and demolitions in Coney Island to live another season. Several years ago, there were a number of Mexican food stands that had set up in Coney. Now, Doña Zita and a couple of others are all that remain. Doña Zita makes superb tortas, great tacos and has kick ass horchata. Make sure you get the containers with pico de gallo and the one with dried peppers for your table. Then, chow down and gaze upon the plywood fences developer Joe Sitt has erected. [GL]

2) Pete's Clam Shop, Coney Island. The folks at Pete’s go in for a bizarre style of cookery known as “raw,” flouting both shellfish toxins and all sense of decency. Upon arrival, I appealed to the beggar-woman languishing behind the counter for a “bucket of clams,” as is the custom, while rubbing my hands together like a lawyer at a divorce proceeding. You can imagine the shock of horror on my face when I found myself tete-a-tete with a plate of half-dead bivalves, the treacly lumps staring back at me like something out of “The Brood.” [Clean Plate Club]

3) DiFara's Pizza. "In a stunning and shocking turn of events, we're now able to confirm with 100% certainty that Di Fara has again been shut down by the Department of Health. Furthermore, with the pizzeria having failed five of their last six inspections, Dom DeMarco's pride and joy will remain closed until further notice." [Eater]

4) Trois Pommes Patisserie, Park Slope. "Emily Isaac’s journey from being the pastry chef at Union Square Cafe to her new place behind the counter of her own bake shop in Park Slope. Trois Pommes Patisserie, which Rob and Robin include in this week’s Openings, has twelve seats and an open kitchen where Isaacs cooks up 'greenmarket-inspired fruit pies and ice cream,' not to mention a wide selection of other pastries. The iced coffee is pretty good too." [Grub Street/NYM]

5) Bickles Caribbean, Brownsville/East Flatbush. "Bickles takes a lot of pride in their seafood, and it shows. Our favorite dish was probably the Escovitch Crocker, a whole whitefish quickly fried then set to marinate in a spicy vinegar sauce stocked with onions, thyme, pimento, peppers and carrots. The flavors are clean, assertive and hot, chock full of blazing Jamaican Scotch Bonnets. You can eat it at room temperature but we loved it fresh from the fry-pan, when the fish releases that spicy vinegar aroma that sends both eyes and mouths watering." [Porkchop Express]

6) Tortilleria Los Hermanos, Bushwick. " indoor streetcart with a few battered countertops and refrigerators right out of a restaurant supply store. Which happens to serve some of the best tacos we've tasted in New York City. They’ll make you tacos, tortas, and an assortment of other concoctions, all made from fresh tortillas, almost all so good they’re a revelation." [The Paupered Chef via BushwickBK]



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