Friday, June 22, 2007

Gowanus CDC and Conservancy Has New Director

In the frenzy of keeping up with other things, we totally dropped the ball on something in our own backyard. The Gowanus Community Development Corporation and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy have a new executive director, Bob Zuckerman. He replaces Thomas Chardavoyne, who passed away earlier this year. The Conservancy--which will function as a sort of Prospect Park Alliance for the Gowanus--was Mr. Chardavoyne's creation.

In a press release, which was also recieved by OTBKB, who was on the ball enough to post it, Gowanus CDC chair Micheal Ingui called Mr. Zuckerman "the ideal choice to lead the Gowanus Canal CDC at this critical juncture." Gowanus is in the early stages of a rezoning effort that will determine the neighborhood's future direction. The Conservancy, meanwhile, is dedicated to efforts to clean up the canal. Mr. Zuckerman has served as the Executive Director of the Greenwich Village-Chelsea Chamber of Commerce and is one of the new appointees to Community Board 6. The Gowanus CDC is pushing to make part of Gowanus a center for green businesses and construction. The Conservancy, meanwhile, is developing plans for more public access to the canal and for clean up efforts. "With so much being planned for the canal and the surrounding area, I am eager to work with both the CDC and the Conservancy to begin building a new kind of neighborhood," Mr. Zuckerman said. "One that incorporates smart environmental, housing and small business expansion initiatives."

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