Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Manhattan Beach Anti-Thuggery Update

Manhattan Beach
[Photo courtesy of GerritsenBeach.Net/flickr]

We know a good story when we see one and the one first reported by GerritesenBeach.Net that we posted about on Sunday was a very good one. That's the one about the suggestions that Manhattan Beach privatize its public waterfront, put a police checkpoint on the bridge from Sheepshead Bay and take other measures to keep "thugs" away. Well, the New York Post picked up the story yesterday (adding a nonsensical "the Post has learned" to details reported two days earlier on GerritsenBeach.Net and, as a result, on GL) and Channels Five and Nine turned up to do a story and interviewed, among others, the blogger who originally reported the story at great length. In the meantime, the police have stepped up their presence in the thug-infested beachfront (it's probably one of the safest spots in Brooklyn). The originator of the checkpoints/private beach to stop the "thugs" idea backed away from the original points a little, but not much:
Those extreme suggestions have absolutely nothing to do with MB residents or the Manhattan Beach Community Group. As a matter of fact they are the ones that are the most outraged. If those unfortunate instances that were reported to me were indeed true, then I personally stand behind everyone of those extreme suggestions as a way to tackle the situation. Remember there ARE metal detectors @ public schools, public pools and all public buildings. They are there for a reason.
You can check out some pics of the scene yesterday here on flickr. You can also find the Channel Five Fox report on the issue here. To be continued.



Blogger Miss Heather said...

I think the solution to this problem is to convert this beach to a nudist establishment. This would certainly eliminate the need for metal detectors. Besides, if someone is crazy enough to smuggle in a weapon by sticking it where the sun doesn't shine, well...

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