Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tonight: Gabriel Cohen Reading from Boombox in Park Slope

We've been remiss in not mentioning Brooklyn writer Gabriel Cohen's new novel Boombox, which is a story about class, race, gentrification and clashing cultures set in Boerum Hill. Gabriel, who is both a superb writer and a very nice person, called us a while back to tell us about the book. We read it during the winter. It's a compelling and entertaining read that hits on some very, very familiar Brooklyn issues. The book revolves around a courtyard in Brooklyn that's surrounded by gentrifiers and the locals that are being squeezed out by them. The flashpoint are the kids blasting hip-hip music from their very loud boombox. There's a lot of familiar scenery in the book. Check it out if you haven't. In any case, Gabriel is reading from Boombox tonight at 7:30 at the Community Bookstore, which is located at 143 Seventh Avenue, near Carroll Street in Park Slope. Go see him read. Pick up the book. You'll enjoy both. You can read the TONY review, which calls it "elegantly written," here. Meanwhile, Norman Oder reviews the book on Atlantic Yards Report today, and calls it "a snappy and engaging read."

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