Monday, July 02, 2007

Change About to Start on Union Avenue Near McCarren Park

544 Union

The building pictured above is 544 Union Avenue. The holes in the roof are new. The building was sold in December for $13.1 million to the Coby Group LLC and ocuments also identify the new owner as McCarren Park Condominiums. Now, what's interesting is that only one permit (that we can find) has been issued for the building and that was one for a fence that was approved on Friday (6/29). Buildings plans were recently disapproved. The architect on the new building will be Gene Kaufman. Plans call for a six story building with 120,000 square feet.

So, now a couple of thoughts about the holes in the roof: (A). The roof is very unhappy and is committing suicide by removing itself. (B). The roof is being removed. Did we mention above that no demolition permits have been issued?

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