Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coney Island Watchers Angry About Latest Thor Issue

Grasshorn Bldg at End

Yesterday's story about how Thor reached an advanced point of negotiation with Coney Island USA about selling a building to them and, then, backed off as the contract was about to be signed has provoked quite a reaction from the Coney Island crew via the Coney Island Message Board. The negative reaction to this latest tale of what appears to be using Coney Island buildings and institutions as pawns in a larger real estate development game comes from both opponents and supporters. Here's a sample of the commentary:
I've been very vocally wary of CIUSA being quiet about Thor and what they are doing to Coney Island. And now the curtain is finally pulled back a bit. I can't tell you how bad I feel for everyone involved in this fiasco, but it's been clear for months that Thor has been playing one person against another in the neighborhood. And the end result? This mess. [Jack]

If any of this is actually true..its beginning to disgust me.. [Joe Sitt Friend]

The first thing to do is contact as many people in city government as you can to tell them your feelings on the matter. Be sure to include where you live, its better if you live in Coney Island, that your a voter and pay taxes. [Captain Nemo]
BONUS: Coney Island Development Corp. President Lynn Kelly will be talking about the Coney Island Strategic Plan at the Coney Island Museum at 1208 Surf Avenue on Sunday (7/29) at 4PM. While she isn't going to deliver any "news," it should be an interesting opportunity to listen to the person heading the CIDC. The donation is $5.

BONUS II: In some happy Coney Island news, the Economic Development Corp. will be commissioning a study, using more than $3 million in federal transportation money, to determine the feasibility of ferry service to Coney Island and a new pier at W. 8th Street near the Aquarium. The idea has broad support, but there's some sentiment to use the pier for amusements rather than just for ferry service.

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