Monday, July 23, 2007

Say What: Greenpoint Traveling Stop Sign Edition

Green Street Stop Sign Sunday

Sure, it's only a Stop Sign, but we've been following its trials and tribulations thanks to our Greenpoint correspondent and today we can report that it's on the move (again). She writes:
Friday it was located on the sidewalk at 159 Green Street. Yesterday it had managed to cross the street (148 Green Street). Today it has decided to hang out in front of 106 Green Street. Tomorrow, who knows?
To quickly bring you Wandering Stop Sign fans up to date: The sign, which is at the treacherous intersection of Manhattan Avenue and Green Street, was mowed down. It was replaced. It was mowed down again. And, apparently, people have been moving it around. Well, at least, that is how one would presume it is getting from Point A to Point B.



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