Friday, August 24, 2007

Check Out North Brooklyn from Above

Here are a few shots of North Brooklyn as seen from the sky. It wasn't the clearest afternoon on record, and most of South Brooklyn was under cloud cover, but the view was interesting, as always.

Williamsburg Aerial

Here's a bit of Williamsburg, mainly north of Metropolitan Avenue and west of the BQE. The tall thing on the East River is Northside Piers. The boxy white building to its left is 184 Kent.

McCarren Park Aerial

Here's a view of McCarren Park and McCarren Pool. The row of tall-ish building is, of course, Karl Fischer Row, as it appears from the air.

Newtown Creek Aerial

No aerial re-introduction to Brooklyn would be complete without a bird's eye view of the humongous sewage treatment plant in Greenpoint and everyone's favorite body of water, Newtown Creek.


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