Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Domino Plant "Alternate Plan" Website Launched

Domino Alternate Plan Screencap

That Williamsburg group that has floated the idea of turning the old Domino Sugar Plant into an art museum have put up a website to push the idea. The current proposal, of course, suggests up to 2,400 units of housing and buildings up to 30 and 40 stories tall. The old plant itself would be converted to housing, with community uses or retail on the ground floor. The group argues that a museum like the Tate Modern in London would be a big tourism and revenue generator:
Using conservative figures based on the Tate Modern Case Study, the Domino site, with a modest admission price, would bring in between $60mm—$80mm in revenue per annum.(3) These figures do not include revenue generated through businesses outside the Domino site.
We're not sure how this would come to pass--and it's been suggested that it's a "pipe dream"--but the physical similarities between the buildings are certainly striking.

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